Looking to hire a mini skip bin? Consider these pricing factors

There are big project tasks that require the use of a big skip bin, and there are small-scale jobs where a mini skip bin is ideal. Of course, you don't want to part with extra cash on a skip bin you can hardly fill. In other words, the size of the skip bin is a key factor in the overall cost of the skip bin. For instance, hiring a mini skip bin is a lot cheaper compared to large skip bin hire due to the size difference. So apart from the size of the skip, what other factors may actually influence the pricing of your mini skip bin hire?

Council permits

If the mini skip bin will be put on council land, for example a public street, you will need to a permit before placing the bin. However, if you can place the bin on your property or other private land, you wouldn't need a skip permit. Normally, the local councils are tasked with issuing skip hire permits, and different councils ask for varying charges to issue a permit. Given that skip hire permits are typically obtained from the local council authority by your skip bin hire provider, the incurred charges may be included in the quoted mini skip bin hire prices.

Hire duration

Another aspect that often influences price is the hire period for the bin. Normally, the longer the hire duration, the more you'll have to part with. Nevertheless, there may be exceptions in instances where a skip hire company offers limitless hire periods. In addition, longer hire times may lead to increased costs for skip permits. All these costs will be factored in the final quote of the mini skip bin hire.


You will notice that mini skip bins have a label around the top section 'Don't fill above the top'. From a safety and legal perspective, you should not fill your bins above the rim to avoid possible spillage during transportation. In case you overfill your bin, your skip bin hire provider has the right to charge you an additional fee for the excess.

Prohibited items

You can't just dispose everything in your mini skip bin. Some of the products that aren't permitted in any skip include:

  • Tyres
  • Electrical items such as microwaves, TVs and radios
  • Batteries
  • Paint
  • Asbestos and explosives
  • Solvents
  • Gas cylinders

After collection, each skip bin is emptied and all its contents sorted for purposes of recycling and disposal. Therefore, any attempts to disguise restricted items in your mini skip bin is highly advised against. You will be charged extra disposal fees, which will increase your mini skip bin hire costs.