The Ultimate Chore: Tips for Cleaning a Messy Home

It's sometimes impossible to stay on top of your household chores and cleaning tasks when you have a hectic work schedule and kids to raise.  This is why so many houses become unnecessarily messy, and you probably hate it. If this sounds familiar, here are 4 cleaning tips that will get your house looking new in no time.


A completely messy house can be overwhelming, so start with the small mess called junk. Getting rid of all clutter and all the excess things you don't need anymore is the first step towards a clean and organised house. Throw away anything that is old, ugly or broken, including anything you won't use.  Donate clothes and shoes that don't fit you or your family members but are still in good condition — your unwanted items can be someone else's treasure!

Start with the smallest room 

In a completely messy house, there's a real psychological benefit to starting small and having quick results. Start with the smallest room in your house — most likely the bathroom or the laundry room. Wash the floors and bag up anything you don't use such as expired mouthwash, your old toothbrush or any products in your cabinets that simply don't work.

Go on to the next room, and the next...

Once you enjoy the feeling of a completely clean bathroom, the rest will fall into place. Move on to the kids' bedrooms, your bedroom, your hallways, the living area and lastly your kitchen. Buckle down and wipe all the counter tops, the shelves and flat surfaces. Of course, don't forget to mop the floor!

Once you have each room tackled, take a moment to revel in your success and enjoy your clean house before moving outdoors—that is if you still have the energy and motivation to do so.

Rent a skip bin

Skip bins are an affordable, stress-free option, especially if you have larger household items you need to throw away. Toss in everything that doesn't belong before it becomes a catchall. Once the skip bin is delivered to your house, all you have to do is fill it up and oftentimes you don't even have to haul it away; the company you rent from will usually pick it up. Find out if your neighbour is also on a cleaning spree and see if they are willing to split the skip bin rental with you to lower the cost as long as everyone follows the terms and conditions of the skip bin service.