Controlling skip bin costs for your industrial premises

Waste management for any industrial premises is a critical part of their operations. Industries that work with raw materials in order to manufacture final products often deal with waste that they need to dispose of without incurring high costs. Indeed, the better a manufacturing plant can control waste management costs, the lower their overall operation expenses will be.

If your industry uses skip bins to dispose of waste from the factory, there are several steps that you can take to manage the cost.

Develop safe disposal procedures

As opposed to residential properties, industries may deal with different types of waste that require disposal. For example, a factory may need to dispose of large quantities of chemical waste, biological waste, or even toxic waste. Each type of waste has its own specific disposal procedures that need to be adhered to. If your industry fails to practice safe disposal procedures, you may be held liable for any damages caused.

Make sure you work with your skip bin company to develop safe toxic waste disposal procedures. Safety begins from the factory floor all the way to the skip bin itself. Some common safety steps include proper labeling of waste disposal containers, keeping sharp items in solid boxes, and ensuring toxic waste is kept in the right temperature and pressure conditions.

Get the right skip for your waste

When hiring a skip bin, make sure it is of the right type for the waste you're disposing. You may need to hire multiple skip bins for each type of waste.

For example, industries that handle biological waste as well as asbestos containing materials may need a separate bin for each. This is because asbestos skip bins often have distinct disposal procedures from biological waste, and it would be hazardous to combine both into the same skip bin.

Use proper rental periods

Because your premises is constantly dealing with special types of waste, it is a good idea to negotiate skip bin rental periods that work with your waste management strategy.

For example, the skip bin hire may be for a two-week period but your company works better with weekly or monthly rentals. You can attempt to negotiate custom rental periods in order to reduce rental costs.

Make sure the skip is placed in a safe location

Due to the special types of waste that most industries deal with, it is important for skip bins in such premises to be placed in a safe location. If unwanted persons tamper with hazardous waste, they can cause injury to themselves or to others.

Skip bins with industrial waste should be placed away from roads or other easily accessible locations. Also make sure that the skip is covered to prevent hazardous waste from being blown away or picked up by unwanted persons.